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When is the right time to Stop Swaddling?

Since ages, parents have relied on the famed swaddling technique. Why? Simply because swaddling has been renowned to be a time-tested technique for calming infants and helping them sleep better. Moreover, it also helps in providing them with a sense of comfort coupled with a feeling of security – ideal for those babies who need to be held at all times. Swaddling also goes a long way in preventing your baby’s startle reflex from waking them up while also keeping them warm and snugly at all times.


Unfortunately, there will come a time when swaddling will eventually turn into a forceful habit rather than a necessity. When this time comes, you as a mother will no longer be able to wrap your child and swaddle them as they will struggle with their sleep. Although it can be difficult to know when to stop swaddling, with the help of our tips you will know when it’s time to stop swaddling and manage this transition successfully and with confidence.


Sure-Shot Signs That Your Baby Has Outgrown a Swaddle

Every baby is different and it can prove to be a tough task if you’re looking to get definite answers to this question. Although there is no prescribed time to get rid of the swaddling habit, there are certain tell-tale signs you can watch out for which, in turn, can help determine when it’s time to ditch the swaddle.

  • If your baby suddenly wakes up multiple times during the night or have started to startle themselves awake after a history of sleeping well.
  • If your baby has been trying to regularly escape the swaddle or has been growing too strong to stay swaddled through the night, then you should immediately stop swaddling as loose blankets in the crib can prove to be a safety hazard and can even suffocate the baby.
  • If your baby has started showing signs of rolling while being swaddled (due to an increase in arm and neck strength), then the swaddle has perhaps lost its magic and your baby is likely ready to make the transition.
  • If your swaddled baby keeps rolling on his/her tummy while also showing a marked increase in activity such as sticking out his/her limbs out mid-sleep, it’s a good time to wean off the waddle.
  • When your baby keeps attempting to break free of his/her swaddle at every given attempt, it’s a clear indicator that you need to stop swaddling. However, even at 2-3 months, if your baby is looking to escape the swaddle, then it is often a sign that your swaddle is at fault which means you need to switch to a better, more comfortable swaddle.

  • As an unwritten rule, when your baby approaches 4-5 months or older, it’s a sign that your baby will do fine sleeping un-swaddled. You can start off the un-swaddling process by wrapping your baby with one arm out and then gradually transition out of the swaddle. Eventually, you will reach a point where you wouldn’t need to swaddle anymore.
  • If you’re considering sleep training your baby, then it is time to stop swaddling altogether. Training a baby to sleep helps babies learn to self-soothe which means that your baby will probably need to be un-swaddled so that they can get the knack of it.

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