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Why Babies Loved to be Swaddled?

The arrival of a baby is always a cause for a celebration; after all, having a baby is a rewarding, life-enriching, & a challenging experience in equal measure. Yes, challenging because a baby heralds their arrival by bringing with it a whole new set of responsibilities. As a new mother, you’ve no doubt been dreaming about your baby for months. But more often than not, if it’s your first child, chances are, you wouldn’t know much about taking care of a newborn.

However, one common situation which often seems to puzzle and annoy mothers in equal measure is figuring out the reason behind their baby’s incessant crying? Trying to calm down a crying baby can be chaotic and stressful experience as babies don’t have the words to convey what’s wrong. Fortunately, you can now offer comfort with the help of a proven technique that will sooth almost every crying baby.

What is Swaddling?


A relatively old technique, swaddling is the practice of tightly wrapping a baby in blankets or another form of clothing in order to restrict their movement – especially of the limbs. By adopting this technique, a swaddled baby tends to calm down and sleep better and more soundly. Moreover, wrapping a baby swaddle around the baby also makes them portable enough to be carried around with ease.

Having said that, it can prove to be a tricky technique at first and can result in your baby being upset or struggling if not done correctly. Luckily for you, mastering the correct swaddling technique is not difficult at all – you need to ensure that a baby swaddle isn’t wrapped around too tight, too loose, or too thick for starters. After a few more attempts at it, you will get the hang of it and it will become as easy as changing a diaper.

Why Swaddle a baby?


While trying to swaddle a baby, it’s imperative that you get it right as the wrong kind of baby swaddle technique can have severe consequences. It can not only affect a baby’s hip development but also increase the risk for developmental dysplasia of the hip – a relatively common problem that could escalate to premature joint problems and chronic pain in adulthood. However, the various benefits it bestows upon the baby and the mother far outweigh the cons. Here are some reasons why swaddled babies tend to be the happiest:

  • Adopting the right swaddling technique helps keep a baby warm as babies by themselves are inefficient at regulating their temperature.
  • Baby swaddle encourages a baby to sleep on their back. Moreover, parents who swaddle their babies are less likely to use the unsafe stomach position while trying to put them off to sleep.
  • Negates the chance of your baby being ‘caught out of position’ – swaddled babies tend to stay put thus drastically reducing the possibilities of your baby rolling into a pillow or against a wall or even on their own stomach.
  • A baby swaddle helps replicate the same tightness and boundaries a baby experiences while inside the womb thus giving them the same sense of comfort and security they get to experience while in the womb.
  • A baby swaddle can come especially useful at the times of breast-feeding a baby as it manages to curtail extra movements which can help baby focus and latch on.
  • A baby swaddle prove to be an excellent option when traveling.

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