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Health Benefits of Kefir V/S Yogurt

It is often assumed that Kefir and Yogurt are one and the same owing to them being identical in appearance. Well, that couldn’t be further away from the truth. For instance, if they both were similar dairy products, why would we have separate nomenclature for them?

There are numerous differences between both these dairy products in terms of how each is cultured, the process of preparation, bacteria used in their culturing, taste as well as consistency. While it is vital to understand the stages involved in their preparation, it is equally important for us to comprehend the various health benefits of Kefir and Yogurt notwithstanding similarities in health benefits of both.

Benefits of Consuming Kefir


  • Boosts your Immunity

Kefir comprises of several crucial nutrients which helps boost your immunity levels. With a plethora of probiotic agents such as Lactobacillus, in addition to an insoluble polysaccharide known as Kefiran, Kefir helps to ward off harmful bacteria such as Salmonella. Battle with bad bacteria apart, it also goes a long way in controlling your blood pressure levels and reducing bad cholesterol.

  • Strengthens Bones

Bone degeneration diseases such as Osteoporosis pose a major threat to the integrity of the bone structure in your body. Thanks to the excessive presence of Calcium in Kefir, it prevents Osteoporosis from attacking your bones. Additionally, Vitamin K2 present in Kefir also helps in the absorption of Calcium in your bones.

  • Keeps the skin healthy

Maintaining your skin health – the largest organ in a human body – is as important as that of safeguarding your bones and vital organs. Lack of protein and carbohydrates can result in various skin diseases and disorders such as psoriasis, rashes and various kinds of other skin allergies, among others.

  • Keeps Gastrointestinal diseases at bay

Many find it discomforting to digest dairy products because of their digestive system’s inability to process lactose. Kefir helps to break down Lactose into a digestible Lactic acid solution, thus making it easier for the stomach to perform the digestion process. Therefore, having Kefir regularly will not only keep your bones and skin healthy but will also protect you from several nasty epidemics as well.

Benefits of Yogurt


  • Rich in vital nutrients

Yogurt – although having little difference in nutrient composition as compared to Kefir – is a popular dairy product that has almost every nutrient required by our body to maintain good health. Some of the most important nutrients present in yogurt include Calcium, Vitamin B, Vitamin B12, Phosphorous and Vitamin D. While Calcium is a must for maintaining bones and teeth in good health, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 present in yogurt helps protect the heart against various heart diseases.

  • Helps fight Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis – a disease commonly found in senior citizens – is a major cause of the deteriorating health of bones. Experts suggest that having dairy products, including Yogurt – as well as Kefir – helps to increase the density of bones, thereby making bones less prone to fractures in old age.

  • Beneficial for digestion

Yogurt containing probiotics that helps your digestive system perform at optimum levels as it has several beneficial bacteria which aids digestion. Having a small amount of yogurt right before your meals is superb for better digestion. Moreover, it has been widely reported that people who consume yogurt on a daily basis are at a lower risk of protracting colon cancer.

  • Improves immune system

Besides Yogurt, every dairy product proves beneficial in boosting your immunity system. Studies and research have confirmed that consuming Yogurt on a regular basis prevents the body from contracting various potential diseases as it consists of probiotics ­– a vital bacterium that can help fight off bad viruses which may affect your health. Moreover, there are several nutrients present in yogurt responsible for enhancing the immune system in a body such as Proteins, Zinc, Magnesium, and Selenium as well.

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