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Effective Office Yoga Techniques for Back Pain

In today’s hectic work life coupled with the sedentary lifestyle people lead, the most common complaint that people suffer from is undoubtedly back pain, especially the lower part. Lumbago, which refers to pain (mild to severe discomfort) in the lower back is something which needs to be treated as soon as possible as if left untreated, it can aggravate and spiral out of control

Here are a few effective office yoga techniques that you can practice and incorporate into your daily work schedule to relieve back pain!

Sit-ups without using your hands


Practicing this simple exercise can help relieve the muscles in your legs, hips and lower back, thus providing some much-needed relief from acute back pain.

Using an exercise ball instead of a desk chair.


If you substitute your desk chair with an exercise ball, you will be doing your lower back an immense favor! This is because, during the entire day, you would be balancing yourself on the exercise ball to remain seated, which will ultimately engage the core muscles in your back thus providing you much-needed relief from back discomfort.

Try a torso twist by releasing the entire back.


Take a deep breath and while exhaling, turn to your left side while grabbing hold of your desk chair with your right hand. Now with your left hand, grab the arm of the same chair. Next, try to balance yourself by gripping the chair tightly while twisting your torso to the back of the room as far as possible. Hold that position and allow your torso to stretch. Try to look around the room and see how far you manage to see. Now start facing forward very slowly. Now, repeat it on the other side too. Do this a few times and witness the magic unravel!

Give yourself a big hug and stretch your back.


Hug your body tight as similar to how you would hug a person by crossing your arms on the opposite shoulders. Then, breathe in and out deeply which, in turn, will help release all the built-up tension and knots between your shoulder blades.

Release your upper body by looking up.


Stand up or sit up in your desk chair. Stretch your arms above your head and then interlock your fingers. Lift your chin up and as you do that, turn your palms upward towards the ceiling. Now tilt your head backward and look up at the ceiling. Breathe in and out deeply. Release the position.

Walk instead of emailing.


Have you ever considered simply walking over to a colleague’s desk instead of emailing him/her? This is an effortless exercise which if followed religiously, will go a long way in keeping you in shape.

Final Thoughts

Back pain is such a common and widespread issue that it often comes pre-announced. However, by following a healthy lifestyle by including regular exercises, eating good, nutritious & well-balanced food, and sleeping on time can definitely go a long way in ensuring you stay fit, healthy and happy.

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