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Snoring in Women: Causes and their Remedies!

Snoring is an issue that affects nearly 50% of the world’s population. A common complaint among couples is that their sleep gets disturbed and disrupted when their significant other starts snoring. Often seen as harmless, did you know that women who snore face a 20% more chance of being affected by cardiac complications. Here are some reasons that make women snore.

  1. Hereditary Reasons or Genetics

Yes! There is a chance that snoring is an inbuilt trait and that you may be genetically wired to snore. You may inherit the pattern from your ancestors.

Remedy: if you have a hereditary trait, it hard to cure. The best way to stop snoring is by using an anti-snore mouthpiece or alternatively, change your sleeping posture.

2.     Improper Sleep Posture


The way you sleep might affect your snoring as well! Some people tend to snore more when they are sleeping in a particular way. Sleeping on your side, for instance, can reduce the sag on your throat muscles that cause you to snore. Even though sleeping on your spine is the regarded one of the best positions to sleep, it increases the chances of muscle sag in your throat and in turn, leads to snoring.

3.     Nasal Congestion


Snoring can be aggravated due to any obstruction faced while breathing. So, if you have a cold or an allergy, it may cause a nasal congestion leading to snoring

Remedy: If your nasal passages are blocked while breathing, then the best option to clear it out is by using a nasal spray. If it is caused due to mucus accumulation, then you can practice inhaling steam to clear the nasal passage.

4.     Smoking


As per a study conducted by American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, it was revealed that female smokers are more prone to snore than male smokers.

Remedy: The root cause is that when you smoke, your air passage gets inflammatory damage and starts to obstruct the air flow. If you can’t stop right away, it’s better to slowly reduce smoking, and surely you will see a positive change.

5.     Drugs and Alcohol Use


When you consume alcohol or drugs, it loosens up your muscle and renders you into a sedative state. The throat muscles will be relaxed, and there is less chance that you will have control over how you sleep. Again the loose muscle around your throat causes snoring in no time.

Remedy: With drugs and alcohol, you should follow the same procedure as that of smoking. It’s crucial that you stop using drugs and alcohol as it will make your muscles sag even more as you continue using them.

6.     Obesity


Men have a higher chance of snoring because the muscles around the throat of men can sag or loosen causing it to vibrate upon inhalation. Women who are overweight can also exhibit the loose throat muscle structure if the muscles around the throat become fatty. So if you don’t find the above points as the reason behind your snoring, then your weight might be the problem.

Remedy: If fatty throat muscles make you snore in your sleep, the best way to prevent it is by having a healthy diet with an intensive workout regime.

7.     Sleep deprivation


Sleep deprivation directly correlates with stress. If you are sleep deprived, this doesn’t just affect your behavior, it also affects your muscles. As muscle fatigue affects the neck, you are looking at loosened muscles that don’t hold its shape while you are asleep.

Remedy: You need to make sure that you sleep a minimum of 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep and everything will fall back into place after 2 or 3 days.

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