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What are Preventive Health Check Up’s and its importance?


A Preventive Health Check Up can be described as taking preventive measures to ensure a lifetime of good health and habits. The idea of preventing a disease or to detect and treat it at the very beginning is referred to as healthcare prevention.

There is an old saying “prevention is better than cure” and preventive healthcare is built on the foundation of that particular thought. Environmental factors, lifestyles people lead, genetic issues are some of the many things which affect people’s health and also result in a variety of diseases. Further, there are several diseases which spread even before the patient gets a chance to understand its symptoms following which the disease might have escalated well into something more complicated.

This is where preventive care comes in as it helps people to control the occurrence of such diseases. Even if a particular disease has affected the patient’s body, with preventive healthcare measures, it can be treated as early as possible. Diseases which might have turned into chronic can be diagnosed early and thereby with proper treatment, it can be cured with ease.

The most important part of a preventive health check-up is that you can start it right from home. Keeping a track of your amount of food intake and ensuring that it’s healthy and fresh coupled with an adequate amount of sleep, daily exercise and avoidance of drugs like tobacco or a large amount of alcohol or sugar etc. is the key to maintaining a good health.

Importance of a Preventive Health Check Up

When a disease affects your body, it starts to spread to different parts of your body and affecting its ability to work at 100%. In fact, there are many symptoms which are visible only when the disease has progressed to a severe stage.

Any chronic disease is a threat to life and can prove to be very difficult to treat especially if detected later. But by practicing preventive health procedures, diseases can be diagnosed at an early stage. Preventive care procedures such as regular health checkups and consulting your doctor on a periodic basis will go a long way in ensuring easy treatment for the disease and avoiding further occurrence as well.

Learning Preventive care measures at Home

Prevention starts from home and one needs to learn the below-mentioned issues to understand the root cause of health issue to prevent further complications:

  • Check regularly for the occurrence of any lump or blisters on your body.


  • Try losing weight naturally by maintaining your diet and fitness regime.


  • If a fever lasts for more than 3 days, go to the doctor and have a blood test done.


  • Coughing for more than a week or two can be dangerous.


  • Pains and ache in different body parts which last longer than usual need to be examined.


  • Blood or change in the color of stool and urine.


  • Sore skin or irritation or itching that persistent.


  • Any other body changes which is new to you and which are lingering around for a long time.

If you find any of these symptoms, it makes sense to immediately go for a medical checkup. If you delay check-ups, the disease might worsen in short span of time.



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