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Health Benefits of Probiotics

You may have come across the term Probiotics and how beneficial they are for your health and overall well-being. But has it ever crossed your mind what these probiotics really are and why they are so useful? The answer may be less than pleasing for you to hear but it’s the truth. Probiotics can be termed as live yeast or bacteria which are not only extremely useful for the functioning of your body but also extremely essential for your gut. Statistics reveal that there are nearly 10 times more probiotics in your gut than there are cells in your body! Of course, Probiotics offer a gamut of additional health advantages besides just the gut but essentially, it is primarily helpful for your digestive system while also protecting you from all sort of digestive issues.

Let us dig deeper at how Probiotics can be useful besides improving your digestion and let us unravel them for you.

  • Improves Mental Health


Numerous reports and studies have pointed out that Probiotics can be extremely useful in improving the mental health not only in humans but also in animals. It has been found that certain bacteria present in Probiotics viz. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are very potent and especially effective in treating a variety of conditions such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Autism, Thyroid imbalances, Chronic fatigue, Anorexia, Anxiety, and even Depression. Furthermore, scientists are also of the opinion that the Probiotics has a role to play in improving the memory as well. Thus, consuming probiotic capsules or yoghurt on a regular basis will keep you protected at all times besides improving your memory and keeping mental diseases at bay.


  • Keeps your Heart Healthy

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LDL or ‘Bad’ Cholesterol is often touted as the greatest adversary for your heart. The LDL cholesterol can wreck havoc with your heart as it blocks the pulmonary arteries thus increasing the risk of a stroke or heart attack. Similarly, high blood pressure can also be a major issue if left untreated. However, consuming Probiotics can help minimise these risk factors completely. As previously mentioned, there are certain bacteria present in Probiotics which are responsible for producing the lactic acid in your gut. These bacteria help break down the cholesterol in your stomach thus preventing it from being reabsorbed into the blood which, in turn, helps prevent cholesterol from getting deposited in your heart. Furthermore, it has also been found that Probiotics also has a role to play in reducing and regulating blood pressure. Hence, it’s safe to say that Probiotics takes an all round action to make sure your heart is functioning optimally at all times.


  • Boosts your Immunity


Research has revealed that if you don’t have enough probiotics or if your intake is low, the side effects can include digestive disorders, autoimmune disease, along with frequent colds and flu. Consuming probiotic supplements and foods, help in oxidising your body while also playing a part in detoxifying your colon. This strengthens your immune system while inhibiting the growth of harmful gut bacteria. Certain probiotics have also been known to promote the production of natural antibodies in the body while also boosting immune cells like the T lymphocytes, IgA-producing cells and natural killer cells. This, in turn, helps in keeping your immune system safe and sound.


  • Helps in Losing Weight and Shedding Belly Fat


Now, this should not come as a real surprise, after all, Probiotics help a lot in improving the functioning of your digestive system. Additionally, Probiotics also keep the acid levels in your gut in check thus improving digestion while also keeping you protected against gastric ulcers, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Probiotics may assist in losing weight through a number of different mechanisms as it helps in preventing the absorption of dietary fat in the intestine. This fat is then removed from your body through excreta rather than being stored in your body. Similarly, Probiotics fend off hunger thus helping you feel fuller for longer. They also help in burning more calories and storing less fat.

Final Thoughts

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Probiotics are considered safe for most people and generally works well for most people. Probiotics offer a complete protection for your physical as well as mental health while offering wide range benefits for tackling other health problems.

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