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Boost Your Energy Levels

Everyone suffers from a sudden dip in energy levels every now and then owing to a myriad of reasons ranging from a heavy drinking night, a bad mood, or even an aching body. You might reach for a Red Bull or a cup of coffee to get you an instant spike in blood sugar thus delivering the little jolt of energy you need to keep yourself going and power you through the long day which lies ahead. Although these options end up supplying an instantaneous and short-term energy boost by stimulating adrenaline or spiking blood sugar, they actually end up sucking your energy reserves even further eventually resulting with you crashing. The good news is you can enhance energy naturally and safely, instead of resorting to such faux fixes, that’ll nourish your body and help it produce energy on its own. Here are some best tips to rev your engines and keep you going throughout the day, naturally.

Drink Water


It is important to ignite your energy first thing in the morning as tiredness is often a sign of dehydration. Every function of the body uses up the body’s water supply and when there’s not enough water, your entire system ends up slowing down. Drink more water throughout the day and see your energy levels shoot up. Additionally, splash fresh water on your face every now and then which not only wakes up your nervous system but also supplies your adrenaline the spark it needs.

Go for a Walk


Take a quick walk around the block, go biking with kids, start taking the stairs, and indulge in any physical activity which necessitates movement. There is probably no better way to do that than to sweat it out. Movement helps oxygenate blood cells which in turn boost your efficiency and endurance levels and ends up rejuvenating your senses.

Help Yourself to Some Greens


Dark leafy greens and vegetables naturally fuel our energy systems and are rich in minerals, antioxidants and vital vitamins. You could either make yourself a yummy smoothie or load your plate with veggies like Kale, Spinach, carrots and tomatoes which have energy revitalising antioxidants. Additionally, if you happen to have an iron-deficiency which is one of the major reasons for fatigue, these vegetables can help deliver the right amount of iron to tackle that deficiency.

Listen to Music


The right music has the power to uplift spirits, boost happiness and reduce anxiety thus helping improve a bad mood almost instantaneously. When we listen to our favourite music, it triggers the release of endorphins while also lowering your perception of tension. This results in you getting the necessary boost you need to pump up your energy levels and attentiveness.



A good social life can also help you feel more energetic.Surround yourself with energetic and charismatic people so that their infectious energy rubs off on you thus helping you revitalise your body and mind. Socialising and going out increases adrenalin levels and keeps your energy levels on the up.

Sip Coffee or Tea or Embrace Green Tea


Caffeine is an awesome way to boost energy levels if you drink it in moderation. Restricting yourself to a couple of cups of coffee or tea a day can help keeping people attentive and alert.

Moreover, if coffee or traditional tea is not your thing, you can instead try a cup of green tea which is rich catechins and you might even end up burning some extra calories as well. By giving a necessary kick to your energy levels, you also burn more calories and end up becoming leaner and much fitter.

Green tea is a natural and a far better alternative than relying on chemically induced caffeine supplements or fake energy boosters which have a plethora of side-effects attached to them. Additionally, Green Tea helps in the overall boost of immunity and energy levels helping your body cope with any illness or unforeseen disorders thrown its way.

Pump some iron or Do Yoga


You activate almost every muscle you have when you go to the gym or work out in general. By letting yourself loose, pumping some iron and indulging in cardio, your body ends up sending oxygen-rich blood throughout your system which helps supply steady energy that lasts for several hours.

People who perform yoga often experience less fatigue and is also a great way of relieving stress and increasing blood flow to the brain. Flip your body and perspective to keep that blood flowing and your energy levels always high.

Get enough rest


While indulging in some sort of activity and keeping yourself in motion throughout the day is necessary for your energy levels to stay high, it’s also imperative that you give your body the rest it deserves after long hard energy sapping day. On an average to maintain levels of energy throughout the day, the body requires 7-8 hours of sleep per night to function properly. Moreover, once a week try getting an extra hour of sleep which can counteract most energy-robbing sleep deficits.

Vitamin D


Being stuck in an office surrounded by four walls and staring at a computer screen for hours at a stretch can drain out anyone’s energy. Take a break, step outside and soak in the sun. Sunlight instantly energises and uplifts the mood while also giving you Vitamin D which is required to maintain bone density.

Final Thoughts

By adopting the above-mentioned natural ways of boosting your energy levels, you not only end up saving money by not splurging on unneeded stimulants and energy drinks but also get your body used to a natural rhythm and a long-term cycle which will help you balance out your hormones and sleep better at night.

If these still don’t help, try and visit your local doctor and do a full body checkup to ensure everything’s functioning properly. Sometimes certain diseases or conditions like thyroid can play havoc with your body’s energy levels and it’s best to get it checked to at least ascertain why you’re always so tired.


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