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Tips to Stay Healthy During Festivals

Whenever festivals are celebrated around the world, they are generally associated with grand festivities, holidays and day of celebrations. Festivals also mean one more thing, lots and lots of food. Whether it is the odd calorie rich jalebis, barfis ras-malai, or the wide assortment of meals, holidays are about trying out different type of delicacies and being self-indulgent. However, the fact of the matter is that it’s not easy to enjoy these hearty, filling meals while trying to ensure they are healthy and nutritious as well.

Hence, it makes it doubly important, not only to keep a track of your calorie intake but also to prepare and consume food that is rich in proteins, healthy carbohydrates, essential miners and nutrients. Festivals are also a time associated with being prone to catching various illness. This could happen owing to a variety of reasons; right from lack of exercise and outdoor activities, over eating, eating out, eating calorie laden food and higher levels of alcohol consumption. All this could lead to a weakening of the immune system and which could lead to further ailments as well. Here are some of the common festival ailments one could suffer from during the festival season and which you should be wary about



The common cold is the most usual but uncomfortable sickness one has to suffer especially during Festivals in winters such as Christmas and New Year. To overcome this bout of cold, lots of nutrition coupled with sufficient amount of hydration and rest is required to get well and recover.

Sore Throat


Another recurrent but uncomfortable condition, Sore Throat is an accompaniment with the common cold. This can usually be cured with gargling with warm salty water couple of times a day.



Another common yet deadly virus which tends to spread during the festival season is the Norovirus also known as the winter vomiting bug and the most common cause of viral gastroenteritis in humans. This can also lead to severe dehydration and children, in particular, need to be especially careful about this virus. Avoid eating out in unfrequented places and make sure to wash your hands vigorously after every meal.



People suffering from Asthma need to be careful as the symptoms of Asthma are severely aggravated during festivals such as Diwali and Christmas owing to the smoke, pollution and of course the chill in the air. Therefore, it’s a common mandate that people suffering from Asthma should take extra precaution during Festivals while also taking care of their nutritional needs and medications.

Joint Pains


Joint pains, especially amongst elders, tend to be on a rise as outdoor movements are severely restricted during winter months. People suffering from Arthritis tend to suffer more as it causes severe stiffness of the joints. Hence, it becomes mandatory for people to indulge in light exercises to keep their muscles flexible and joints in motion.



Another common occurrence, Flu tends to fly under the radar but is, in reality, an extremely dangerous winter ailment. Elderly and young children are especially prone. A nice way of safeguarding yourself is getting a flu jab.

Although the occasional indulgence is fine especially during festivals, it’s advisable to not go overboard and keep a check of what you’re consuming. Additionally, it pays to take care of your health by eating at home. The key is to avoid overeating unhealthy foods, working out a bit, drinking sufficient water and switching to low-calorie recipes. Here are some simple and healthy tips best suited for consumption during these months.

  1. Try everything but the key is to maintain portion control and eat in moderation. Don’t go overboard with dahi pakodas and make sure to keep your cravings under check.
  2. Try and avoid deep fried food as much as possible. Sweets like jalebis are drenched with oil and are best left avoided as shedding those extra kilos gained after a binge will prove to be an ordeal.
  3. Eating salads might be what you have in mind when it comes to welcoming the holidays but eating a salad every day leading up to a festival as well as during the celebration days can ensure that your cravings are satiated.
  4. Restrict the number of sweetened drinks and salt that you might consume.
  5. Diwali is not complete without pedas and ladoos. But we can definitely do without tonnes of sugar and oodles of ghee. Try low-calorie sweets which are possible with the help of some creative tweaks
  6. Avoid late-night snacking as this can cause indigestion.

Final Thoughts

Although the intake of food is an integral part of staying healthy during the festive times, another equally important aspect is to remain active to give your body its required dose of exercise and movement. If you can’t take time out to go outside and exercise, it is important to indulge in some well planned indoor activities. They not only help boost your immune system while promoting movement and flexibility but at the same time, help increasing stamina while burning off the calories.

Activities such as an indoor Zumba, Dancing, Yoga or even household chores can increase the physical agility and provide the much-needed exercise. Running away from food shouldn’t be the way stay away from calories. If you have improper diet habits, it can hamper your health. You should always remember that a balanced diet and regular exercise are crucial components for a leading a healthy life.

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