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Ultimate Skin Care Tips to Improve Your Monsoon Skin Care Routine

During monsoons or cold temperatures, your skin demands special care and attention. Cold air lacks moisture and coupled with the dry air can cause severe chapping, cracking, blotchy red patches and highly irritable skin. Unless you take precautionary measures, your skin tends to look worse and feel worse with every passing day. So it should come as no surprise to know that the more hydrating your skincare routine is, the better it is for your skin. To keep your skin glowing and in top-notch condition and to protect your skin from harsh cold-weather conditions, follow our top skincare tips to see you through the worst of it. Here are some of our top foolproof tips which can help retain that glow and keep harsh weather conditions at bay.

The following products can help protect your skin from harsh cold-weather conditions:



Nourishing you skin should be your top-most priority and if you’re a makeup buff, the first thing you should do after reaching home is using a good nourishing cleanser to clear off makeup. Makeup not only tends to clog pores resulting in breakouts but also strips your skins of its natural oils thus leading to dry and harsh skin. A skin cleanser not only lifts impurities but also helps retain its moisture thus leading to clean and healthy skin.

Moisturisers and Sunscreen


Moisturisers are a lifesaver during winters and the more moisture the better. As a thumb rule, moisturise your skin daily right after a shower so that it replaces and replenishes all oils you lost while bathing. Applying moisturiser liberally all over your body not only strengthens that skin but also helps to keep it plump and healthy. It’s also imperative to use sunscreen as the sun’s harmful UV rays remain strong and damaging in the winter months.



Exfoliating helps absorbs moisturiser better and brings back that youthful glow by creating a moisture barrier that is so often lost during the winter months.



By just dabbing a bit of essential oils on your skin will help keep your skin luminous by strengthening and restoring it’s natural barrier.

By just alternating between these products and using them in tandem will help make your life infinitely better as soon as the winter sets in. This will further ensure that your skin will become healthier, naturally glowing and younger-looking.

Additionally, here are some more tips to prevent moisture loss and to help weather-proof your skin:

  1. Drink plenty of water to keep stay hydrated and fight dry skin.
  2. Keep a track of what you eat as eating right can help give your skin a healthy glow.
  3. Refrain from overly hot showers and limit your baths or shower to once a day.
  4. Eat more seafood as it helps keep your skin hydrated from the inside while also protecting it from the damaging winter environment.
  5. Try going to bed earlier and catch as much sleep as possible as your skin tends to repair and regenerate while you’re sleeping.


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