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Vices That Can Adversely Affect Your Health

Being human, we are all prone to picking up some or the other habit whether they are good or bad. Reasons could be many; inclination towards the habit, influence from surrounding factors, peer pressure etc. While inculcating good habits have their own advantages, picking up vices, on the other hand, can have some serious repercussions on both mental and physical health and wellbeing. The good news is that, with some control and motivation, one can easily ditch these vices and start enjoying a happy and healthy life once again. Through this blog, we highlight some of the most common vices an individual is prone to follow.



It’s quite possible that you have come across the adage, “Smoking is injurious to health”, or “Smoking kills” in your daily lives. The fact of the matter is that this statement couldn’t be any truer. Smoking causes a myriad of health issues including cancer, lung infections, throat irritations, blood clots, heart diseases etc. Moreover, smoking not only affects the smoker but second-hand smoke can also indirectly affect the health of a non-smoker who’s around you. It’s time you kick the butt for good.

Drinking Alcohol


One of the most common vices, consuming alcohol can eventually spiral out of control and lead to serious health problems like liver damage, weight gain, fatigue, dizziness, and eventual death. Drinking in moderation is acceptable but if you’re a chronic drinker, it’s time to ditch the bottle and start living healthy.

Poor Sleep


Owing to our hectic work schedules and fast-paced lives, we all are susceptible to a variance in sleep patterns. Improper sleep patterns or lack of sleep can directly impact the quality of your health. Poor or inadequate sleep can lead to much serious health related problems. One should strive to achieve at least 6-7 hours of sleep on a daily basis.

Watching TV


Watching TV in moderation can provide a source of entertainment and help relieve stress. However, care must be taken to ensure you don’t turn into a couch-potato. Binge watching TV and making it a habit can turn you into a lazy glutton and increase your BMI as well. Besides, one tends to feel lethargic all day which leads to skipping physical exercises.

Wearing Heels


Heels are always in vogue and possible every woman owns at least a pair. However, wearing heels on a daily basis to work or otherwise can cause severe harm to a woman’s body especially in the long run. Owing to the positioning of the heels, it can affect your posture which can lead to back pain, arthritis and other injuries.

Carrying an Extra Heavy Bag


Carrying an over-weight bag frequently can lead to an array of issues in the long run. It can contribute to several long-term health problems like back pain, poor posture, neck pain. So make sure to ditch the heavy bag and substitute it with a light weight bag next time you’re off to school, college or work.

Sleeping with Makeup


Many women, especially in urban areas, apply makeup on a daily basis whether it’s going to work or out for dinner. However, some women tend to forget the fact that when you sleep with makeup on your face it can cause great damage your skin. It not only clogs your facial pores but can also cause irritation to your eyes. Hence, it’s imperative that one uses a makeup remover every time before hitting the bed.

Over Eating


Many individuals tend to binge eat especially when going out on holidays or on an excursion. One must be mindful not to disturb your normal eating pattern, because this disruption may cause your body to not send hunger signals on time. This, in turn, may lead you to feel hungry even when you are occupied and lead to overeating of food. The extra calories gained may cause serious health problems like diabetes, heart problems and acidity.

Over-Dependency on Medicines


If you have the habit of regularly taking medicines for minor headaches, menstrual cramps, or the slightest body pain, you should stop it right now. Over dependency on medicines for the smallest of problems can make you hooked onto these medicines which are not good for the proper functioning of your body. Moreover, your body becomes immune to it and if you develop serious health issues, then medicines of a higher dosage would be required as your body tends to build a tolerance to lower dosages.

Skipping Breakfast


Hands down the most important meal of the day, one should not skip breakfast at any cost. Breakfast gives you the energy you need to see through the day and if you skip it, you not only tend to eat more food during other meals but also result in a disruption to even distribution of your nutritional needs.

Wearing Headphones for Long Hours


Wearing headphones especially on loud volume for long hours can lead to a permanent loss of hearing. If you need music while working or travelling, ensure that you aren’t blasting it on high volumes.

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