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Top 5 Health Drinks to Get Energised, Refreshed & Revitalised

Health drinks are vital as they not only complement our meals but also keep us charged throughout the day. Drinks have various purposes; some are consumed simply in order to get its benefits; some are consumed for leisure purposes while some such as water are consumed purely to quench our thirst. Though there are a whole array of drinks that can be consumed, we should make a conscious effort to consume only those drinks prove beneficial to us.

Healthy beverages possess numerous advantages: they not only help in boosting our overall immunity but we can also drink a few of these drinks to get rid of body fat. Furthermore, they supply us with endless energy and vigour to see us out through the long, arduous working day.

Healthy drinks rejuvenate our senses and are the best way to kick start our mornings. These drinks are also helpful in obtaining a healthy skin while ensuring that we stay happy, content and fulfilled both internally as well as externally. If you want to take a step forward towards a healthier life, then start drinking any of these healthy beverages. If you are wondering which beverage to consume, then this article will surely aid you in making your decision.



Without a shadow of a doubt, milk is regarded as healthiest and most refreshing beverage across the globe. It lends a plethora of benefits and is also used in the preparation of various other drinks as well. In India, especially, Milk is the staple ingredient of every household as it is rich in nutrients, fibre, healthy minerals and proteins. Furthermore, the calcium present in Milk aids in strengthening our bones thus making us stronger and healthier. Milk can not only be consumed in the morning but also be consumed before going to bed as it helps bestow upon us a good and peaceful sleep. Milk has so many other benefits that you should surely incorporate this as a part of your existing diet regime.

Ginger Tea


Ginger is widely renowned as a wonder ingredient and aids in soothing our digestive system. It is nutritious, healthy and can be simply consumed by adding it in our morning tea. Ginger tea is perfect for cancer patients as it’s rich in antioxidants and also helps fights inflammation, abnormalities and obesity. Ginger tea is especially known to be consumed by pregnant women in the morning and during the day to get rid of sickness. Moreover, you can add this versatile and beneficial root in any beverage and drink it whenever you feel sick.

Lemon Juice


The humble lemon has so many benefits that a small paragraph will not suffice. The easiest way to ingest these benefits is by extracting the lemon juice to prepare a beverage for yourself that is not just refreshing but also has a myriad of benefits. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C that helps ward off diseases while giving your body an added layer of protection. Additionally, lemon is considered the best drink to get rid of fat and once you start consuming it, you’ll notice an immense difference within just a few weeks. Lemon is rich in minerals and carbohydrates and a single sip is enough to revitalise you.

Grape juice


Grape is an outstanding fruit having a plethora of benefits. What more, it can also be consumed in the form of drink that is rich and delicious. Grape juice is also known to cure problems related to blood pressure while also playing a considerable role in reducing the cholesterol and sugar level in our body. A single glass of grape juice is enough to make us fitter and free from diseases. You can prepare the juice using either purple or green grape as both control cholesterol level in blood equally.

Pomegranate Juice


Whenever we are diagnosed with fever or feeling weak & pale, doctor’s often advice us to drink pomegranate juice. Pomegranate is very beneficial for our body as it gives us the strength to fight diseases while safeguarding us from potential infections and diseases. It also helps increase our haemoglobin levels while also being rich in Vitamin C which helps deal with stomach diseases as well as hormonal problems. This beverage is also good for skin and drinking it regularly provides us with a glowing skin.

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