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Heart-Healthy Foods

You are alive because your heart is beating and this makes it imperative to incorporate a healthy diet that can not only be good for your heart but also for your waistline. In other words, what lies in your kitchen can indeed play a role in saving your life. Several studies have suggested that what you end up eating and drinking goes a long way in protecting your body against a tonne of health woes. As a matter of fact, up to nearly 70% of all heart diseases can be preventable by making the right food choices.

Simple dietary changes can help you keep your heart healthy and functioning optimally at all times. Heart-healthy foods if incorporated in your daily diet, will ascertain that your heart`s health is not compromised. Here is a list of three everyday foods that you should definitely eat more if you want a healthy heart.



Description: Colourful and attractive looking berries are not only just delicious fruits but are also extremely nutritious. Their list of benefits innumerable; from heart diseases to cancer, they help prevent a lot of human illnesses. Just sprinkle a bunch of berries in your yogurt and smoothies and say hello to good health, the sweet way! You can pick and choose from your favourite berries from strawberries, blueberries, gooseberries et al because they are all equally nutritious.

Benefits to heart: Berries contain high quantities of vitamin C while also containing naturally occurring antioxidants known as polyphenols. These nutrients are responsible for keeping your heart healthy. This is done by decreasing your blood pressure and increasing the levels of the ‘good’ cholesterol. So, a diet rich in berries is what you need for a disease free and to maintain a healthy functioning heart.

Low Fat Milk or Yogurt


Description: Just by incorporating low-fat milk in your diet, you can get a variety of health benefits. Low-fat milk is nutritious and is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. It also helps reduce the incidence of various diseases. The long list of essential vitamins and minerals include calcium, phosphorous, Vitamin D, B12, A, riboflavin, etc. Milk is also calcium-rich and an essential dietary requirement for our bone health.

Benefits to heart: Opting for low-fat milk instead of whole milk is invariably a good decision which bodes well for your heart. Full fat milk adds excess saturated fat and cholesterol to your body, which ultimately wrecks havoc on your heart in the long run. Low-fat cow milk is potassium rich which is known to be associated with lowering of blood pressure by vasodilation. So make sure to switch from your whole milk to a low-fat one right away to maintain a healthy functioning heart.



Description: A cup of spinach a day will improve your heart health all the way! This economical green leafy vegetable is a rich source of vitamins, pigments, vitamins and various phytonutrients. All these put together makes spinach an essential ingredient for maintaining good health. Eating spinach as a salad or as a soup on a daily basis will get you all the nutrients you need to keep you heart-disease free. Raw or cooked, low-fat spinach will nourish you with its endless list of nutrients.

Benefits to heart: Enriched with nutrients like beta-carotene and vitamin C, Spinach helps prevent oxidised cholesterol deposition on the walls of the blood vessel. Folate is another important ingredient present in spinach needed for maintaining the health of your heart. Additionally, Vitamin B6, betaine and folate present in spinach can help lower the serum levels of homocysteine, which is essentially a harmful amino acid. The potassium and magnesium present in spinach assists in decreasing blood pressure and minimising the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well.


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