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How to Ensure Your Liver Is Hale and Hearty?

In our modern, fast-paced lives we often tend to forget about our basic requirements; keeping our bodies healthy. To guarantee your whole body remains in prime condition and functions at 100% all times, you need to ensure your organs are always in perfect condition. Through this blog, we are going to highlight some major tips to ensure your liver is hale and hearty at all times.

Maintain healthy weight


One of the primary things that can define the health of a person is by maintaining a healthy height-weight ratio. Being too obese or being underweight are both are signs of a neglected and unhealthy body. Studies have revealed some shocking statistics; On a survey that was done on obese people, out of 60% people who were reported as obese, an alarming 30% of them suffered from fatty liver disease. This not only puts them at risk for an unhealthy lifestyle but also increases the risks of cirrhosis, scarring and liver cancer.

Consume Alcohol in Moderation


Alcohol can cause a myriad of issues and considering your liver is responsible for processing alcohol, it’s imperative that you keep a tab on the amount of alcohol you consume. Consuming alcohol not only puts an increased amount of stress on your liver but is also considered as poison if taken in large amounts. Make sure you reduce your alcohol consumption and if you have to drink, ensure you drink in moderation else be prepared to make your liver suffer in the long run.

Limit your fat intake


Always opt for unsaturated fats but in balanced amounts. Avoid processed foods as they tend to be loaded with unhealthy fats and preservatives. Moreover, consuming a high-fat diet can put you at risk to fatty liver diseases.

Quit smoking


Smoking does no good for your body and your liver is no different. It has been observed that smoking has a hazardous and detrimental effect on the efficient functioning of your liver owing to a number of harmful toxins that it produces.

Regular Blood Tests


Make sure you schedule regular blood tests to keep a tab on the levels of your glucose, cholesterol and fat all of which are associated with liver diseases. This is not only a preventive measure but will also ensure that you are in the loop with regard to the overall health of your body and its organs.

Shun Illegal drugs


 Certain illicit drugs when mixed with a variety of chemicals become toxic in nature and if consumed can result in a gamut of disorders and diseases. Don’t be involved in any sort of intravenous drugs exchange as it leads to contracting of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C amongst a host of other diseases.

Medication Risks


Doctors specifically advise to avoid mixing different type of medications and there’s a good reason behind the word of caution. Certain types of medication put undue stress on your liver to metabolise it properly which may lead to extra pressure on liver while also increasing the risks of damaging it in the long run.

As stated by several prominent studies and research, when 70-80% of the liver cells are lost or damaged, it leads to the improper functioning of the liver which eventually leads to liver failure. When such cases arise, it mandates the need for a liver transplantation surgery which is not only an extremely tedious process to find a donor but is also incredibly expensive as well. Make sure you always visit liver specialists, especially if you’re at risk owing to the factors stated above, in order to avoid the contraction of chronic liver diseases. If they are not treated on time they can prove to be deadly and fatal. Always remember the adage, Prevention is better than cure, which stands true in this case.

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