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Homemade Tea Remedies to Soothe a Sore Throat

A sore throat can have many ramifications and ranks as amongst the most niggling but annoying situations that one can face in our everyday lives. Not only does it lead to constant irritation of the throat, but also ends up souring our mood and simply takes the fun out of everything else we end up doing. A sore throat is a condition that arises due to the inflammation of the pharynx, the part of the throat that lies behind the mouth and the nasal cavity. Although this inflammation of the pharynx can occur due to several reasons, the most commonly occurring reason is due to cold.

There are various antibiotics, cough syrups along with an array of medicines one can take to get remedy your sore throat but why take medicines when there are so many natural options at your disposal? The most famous one is the humble tea. We all love a hot cup of tea to kick start ourselves every morning but if a sore throat is hampering you and your daily activities, then drinking one of these tea concoctions instead will help grant you instant relief from your troublesome & irritable condition.

Green Tea


We are all already quite familiar with the host of benefits that green tea bestows upon us. Green tea is rich in antioxidants which help boost immunity levels while cleansing our body from the inside. Green Tea also helps us shed kilos, but most importantly, green tea helps in providing a much-needed cure for your sore throat. Moreover, there are a variety of flavours available in the market these days if the plain taste of green tea is not to your liking. All you need to do is to take a cup of boiling water, soak the tea bag into it and your green tea will be ready to drink. Many people prefer adding a bit of lime juice or honey to enhance the flavour but each to their own. No matter how you prefer drinking it, it will have the same effect on your sore throat.

Ginger Tea


Ginger tea is one of the most well known and effective remedies for curing a sore throat. Additionally, the ingredients needed to prepare it are easily available at one’s home which makes it a handy remedy. If you are calorie-conscious, then you can replace the sugar with honey. Using milk to prepare the tea is also optional and it depends on your own preferences. The presence of ginger in the tea imparts it with anti-inflammatory properties which help in relaxing the throat muscles thereby providing instant relief from a sore throat.

Turmeric Tea


One of the most common spices that found in the kitchen, Turmeric is replete with medicinal properties, essential nutrients and antioxidants which augment its medicinal value. Turmeric is also vital in providing relief to your throat while adding other ingredients such as ginger, milk or honey into it which will help in further enhancing its medicinal value. You can choose to drink this with water or milk but whatever you choose, the fact of the matter is that it will help in curing your sore throat while proving to be more efficient than the medicines found in a pharmacy.

Lemon and Honey Tea


This concoction is not only extremely effective but also tastes very good and can be had on its own. Honey is very competent in curing microbial infections thus helping provide near instant relief for your sore throat. Moreover, it helps in forming a protective layer on your throat which soothes the irritation and prevents the condition from deteriorating any further. Moreover, adding lemon juice and ginger into the mix and mixing them together along with honey helps in proving the perfect remedy to treat your sore throat. Make sure to mix it in hot water if you’re seeking immediate results. Adding tea is optional and you could add to it to elevate the overall taste of this drink.

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