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Desserts Are Not Always Unhealthy

The very thought of Desserts can get most people’s mouth watering. Once widely regarded as privileges of the rich, Desserts are now accessible to one and all. The word Dessert is derived from the French word ‘desservir’ which literally translates to cleaning the table. The implications of this word mean that once everybody has finished the meal, the table is cleaned and dessert gets served and hence the nomenclature.

Popularly regarded across the world as a guilty pleasure, desserts provide the perfect end to any meal. Why guilty you may ask? This is simply because, desserts are notoriously known to increase weight, increase sugar levels while also having the tendency to cause cavity issues amongst other things. But not all desserts come under this unhealthy purview. Let’s take a look at some desserts which are classified as not only healthy but also don’t skimp on flavour.

shutterstock_477532726.jpgDonuts can be healthy. Yes! You read that right. Replace the flour with spelt (cereal grain) and garbanzo bean (chickpeas) flour as this flour has more fibre to keep you fuller for a longer period. Use only egg white instead of complete eggs and reduce the sugar and butter. Further, instead of frying donuts in unhealthy oil, bake them. Incorporating these steps would definitely limit the calorie-intake in your body.

shutterstock_405114649.jpgVegan cupcakes prove to be a great combination of taste as well as health. Pop one of these and be guilt-free for the whole day. A pure vegetarian, gluten and sugar-free treat, these cakes are tasty enough to satiate your dessert cravings.

shutterstock_586694285.jpgCookies especially, the oatmeal chocolate wheat germ variety, where the butter is replaced with Greek yoghurt and wheat germ takes the place of all purpose flour. This results in a cookie which is low in fat and high in vitamin B1 and manganese. Having these with a cup of green tea would ensure you remain guilt-free.

shutterstock_275334254.jpgSpread brown sugar balsamic strawberry sauce on vanilla ice cream and you’ll get such a delightful taste of vanilla ice cream that you’ll never forget. The preparation of this sauce includes raw strawberries and balsamic vinegar, which itself is made of grapes. So you can concentrate on your yummy dessert without thinking much about weight gain.

shutterstock_693869698.jpgWatermelon Granitas looks as gorgeous as it tastes. Made from fresh watermelons and served frozen this would delight your taste buds while also being good for your health. You just need to ensure that the ingredients contain fruits as the sweetness of the fruits would replace sugar and the fact that fruits are also good for health.

Final Thoughts

Guilt free food never tasted so yummy so consider this a win-win for your waistline and your taste buds. However, just like everything else, too much of any dessert wouldn’t be good for health. So one needs to be little disciplined while enjoying their share of desserts.

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