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How to Overcome Depression

Depression is a serious medical illness that negatively affects the way you feel, thinks or act. Anybody can be affected by depression irrespective of age. A common misconception surrounding depression is that it is temporary and people can just snap out of it. If you are depressed, you will feel low and sad and will have no interest in any sort of physical activity. Depression leads to emotional and physical problems and in extreme cases, can also lead to suicides.

While depression can have serious and far-reaching consequences, it is far from a hopeless situation. There are effective treatments and actions people can take to overcome this disorder. Here are some key symptoms of depression you should look out for:

Symptoms of depression –

  • Feeling sad or having a gloomy mood.
  • You don’t feel like going out anymore
  • Lack of interest in social activities and withdrawing from close family and friends
  • Loss of interest in daily activities and getting distracted.
  • Loss of appetite and sudden weight loss without dieting.
  • Sleeping disorder and negative thoughts.
  • You’re feeling indecisive, disappointed, miserable and sad most of the times.
  • You’re plagued with headaches and muscle pains
  • Feeling exhausted and fatigue.
  • Feeling guilty, insignificant and worthless.
  • Increase in distracted activities like speaking to the mirror, listening sad songs.
  • Increase in thoughts of committing suicide for peace.

These are some of the major indications that you are suffering from depression and you need to get back the control over yourself and overcome depression. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that not everyone suffering depression tend to have all these symptoms.

How to Overcome Depression –

Accept Your Depression

The first challenge is to identify your depression and come to terms with it. Don’t get fixated on it and keep pondering about it all the time. After all, it’s all in the head. Most people do not understand or accept that they are suffering from depression and with time, it reaches the tilting point which leads to possible permanent physical and mental damages. Therefore, always keep an eye out for the symptoms and if you feel something wrong, do not think twice and check with your doctor.

Identify The Cause

There are several causes that lead to depression. Finding the cause/causes can prove to be a daunting task especially after you have zeroed in on the fact that you are in a depression. Various factors ranging from genetics, hormonal changes, stress, sadness, guilt could be behind it which makes it doubly important to identify the root cause so as to cure it. Hence, make sure you identify the source and the core problem.

Spend Quality Time


While depressed, your mind will always make you feel lonely while forcing you to isolate and distance yourself from the rest of the world. You should definitely avoid being alone especially during these tough times. Instead, plan a family vacation or go out with your friends and have a blast. Even going out locally for lunch or dinner or something which you like, say shopping, would be a great choice as it can help you divert your attention.


Positivity Breed Positivity


When one is depressed, your mind tends to be filled with unwanted, negative thoughts which simply bogs you down further. If you pay heed to such negativity, you are only making things worse. Instead, talk to positive people, read some inspiring stories and motivational quotes and better yet, watch mood-uplifting movies. You may not always have control over your thoughts, but you can definitely provide the right inputs that can help generate positive thoughts.


Find an Interesting and Passionate Hobby


Most people tend to take up a hobby that they are not passionate about and before you know it, the interest dies down. During a depression, you cannot let your mind get occupied by negative thoughts, especially during free times. The best way to divert your mind is by investing your free time in a hobby that you are passionate about. There are several hobbies such as Photography, dancing, cooking, or even creating YouTube videos which you could immerse yourself in.


Exercise and Meditation


Nothing works as good as exercise and meditation during a depression. You can join a gym, do indoor and outdoor exercises, start jogging in the morning or better still, practice yoga and pranayama (breathing exercises). Learn the different forms of meditation and start practising them and find happiness bursting inside you.

Avoid Certain Things

In today’s world, social media and internet bullying are major causes of depression. You should definitely avoid logging on to your social media accounts at least for a few days. While Internet addiction and depression tend to be separate from each other, they often overlap. Furthermore, make sure to cut off from negative people, stop listening to sad songs and avoid recalling old memories which are indirectly the source of your depression. If you have an issue with someone, talk it out or accept the outcome and move on just like others. Learn to forgive people and accept life the way it comes.

Final Thoughts

Self-help is the only way to get rid of depression. Unless you take the matter into your own hands and make yourself realise that, the situation is far from hopeless, nothing or no other measure can help you out. It’s important to understand that there are several people around the world who are not as fortunate as you are but still appreciate things and live happily every single day. It’s important to appreciate what you have and enjoy the moment because eventually, time heals everything.

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