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Five Essential Oils That Will Aid in Weight Loss

If you’re tired of spending long hours training and dieting and still not getting the desired weight loss results, then probably it’s time you make use of certain essential oils that can help you to shed excess weight. Remarkably, essential oils can prove to be quite useful in losing weight as it helps treat digestive problems and curb sweet and carb cravings while also making up for the lack of motivation that you might have to go out and lose weight. Let’s take a look at five of these oils and how they can help in your weight loss journey.

Grapefruit essential oil


Grapefruit is well known as a delicious subtropical citrus fruit which is packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Dietary Fiber, and essential Folates. Several studies have revealed that a Grapefruit contains a specific chemical known as nootkatone which helps to prevent obesity while also regulating your metabolism. Furthermore, using Grapefruit essential oil can help you suppress your appetite by helping with blood sugar and the breaking down of fat while also helping reduce bloating and cellulite in the body. Additionally, it can help you maintain an active life while keeping hunger cravings at bay.

Peppermint essential oil


Peppermint is well known for aiding weight loss as it helps in the absorption of essential nutrients while further assisting in the proper functioning of the digestive system. Additionally, Peppermint essential oil suppresses your appetite while also helping boost your metabolism levels thus providing you with adequate energy.

Lemon essential oil


Lemon comprises of a compound known as Limonene which helps in breaking down your fat. With its detoxifying and regenerating properties, Lemon oil is also used to relieve stress as it increases the norepinephrine levels, which helps in increasing the levels of oxygen in your brain. Lemon essential oil is also known to keep you active, enhance your mood and clear your mind thus keeping you rejuvenated and fresh. Also, it helps to improve digestion and help in appetite suppression as well.

Bergamot essential oil


Bergamot helps us to avoid emotional eating and acts as an anti-depressant which helps to stimulate relaxed and calm feelings. Bergamot essential oil assists in preventing the accumulation of fat and thus helps you in maintaining ideal blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it plays a major role in keeping your cholesterol levels low while helping create a sense of well-being and boosting overall energy levels as well.

Ginger essential oil


Ginger contains a compound known as Gingerol which is known for it’s glucose-sensitizing, stimulatory and anti-hypertensive effects. Various studies and research have proven that consuming ginger aids in weight loss, reduces sugar cravings, reduces inflammation in the body while also aids in curbing food cravings as well. Additionally, Ginger essential oil can be used to lower cholesterol levels while also helping improve the functioning of the digestive system. Last but not the least, it can help regulate the blood sugar levels which, in turn, will help you tackle obesity issues.

How to use these essential oils?

  • Mix two drops of essential oil with a few drops of almond oil and directly massage this mixture in the area where fat has been accumulated for 30 minutes. Alternatively, mix two drops of the oil in a glass of water and drink this concoction regularly in the Within no time, you will see the desired weight loss results.
  • Another way is to add a few drops of this oil in an oil dispenser whenever you feel the need to consume unhealthy food. A whiff of this scent will help kill all cravings.

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