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How Orange Peels are Beneficial for Beauty and Health

Orange peels can be regarded as nature’s gift to humanity. Everybody loves eating oranges but not many individuals know the advantages of orange peels and usually throw away the orange peel ignoring the various benefits it bestows upon you. The entire purpose of this article is to enlighten people about the lesser known benefits of orange peels.

Orange peels are extremely nutritious and are known to have miraculous benefits, beneficial for both your health and beauty while also being renowned as a powerhouse of antioxidants. The peel is filled with more Vitamin C even more than the orange itself and helps protect the skin from UV damage while also keeping acne and pimples at bay. It also doubles up as an immunity booster and gives your skin a healthy glow as well. Moreover, it can be used to treat the dry, itchy and dehydrated skin while being rich in Potassium and Calcium. Magnesium is another nutrient which is found in abundance in orange peels and prevents oxidative stress in skin cells.

That is not all, it even has natural bleaching properties and can help get rid of tan instantaneously. Furthermore, orange peels contain fiber, proteins, vitamins, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, Pantothenic acid etc. Here’s how you can look your best by incorporating these tips and tricks.

Beauty Benefits:

1) Gets Rid of Nasty Acne and Blemishes




Orange peels can be used to subside the redness and swelling owing to acne. Due to its anti-bacterial and lightening properties, it can be used to lighten dark spots or blemishes.

2) Remove Dead Cells, Blackheads and Cleanse your Pores


By scrubbing your nose with an orange peel, you can get rid of dead cells, stubborn blackheads while also cleansing your pores.

3) Nail Shine


By rubbing a peel on your nails, you can enhance your nail’s natural shine while also helping moisturize your nails. Additionally, it can even strengthen the nail follicles.

4) Gets Rid of Dandruff


Grind the orange peel into powder and dissolve it in water. Apply this concoction all over your scalp and leave it on overnight. This will help deeply cleanse your scalp and hair.

5) Say Goodbye to Bad Breath


Bad Breath bothering you? Simply, take a small orange peel and chew it instead of chewing gum or making use of mouth freshener spray for a quick, all-natural solution.

6) Speeds up Weight Loss


shutterstock_364779008.jpgOwing to its high-fiber properties, it can speed up the weight loss process.

7) Improves Your Complexion


Being a citric fruit, it has natural bleaching agents which can lighten your skin a few tones.

Health Benefits:

1)Cures Constipation

Orange peels are famed for its digestive benefits as it helps cure constipation while also helping aid proper digestion as well. Moreover, it enhances the functioning of the liver while helping cure gas, heartburn, and acidity. Make sure to have an orange peel infused tea every morning to reap these benefits.

2) Asthma

It helps in curing Asthma as orange peels are rich in antioxidants which aid in the removal of Phlegm from the body.

3) Normalises Blood Pressure

It contributes to maintaining a good heart health. It helps in proper circulation of blood and reduces the chances of high or low blood Pressure.

4) Headaches

Orange peel oil can be used for aromatherapy which can aid in curing depression, anxiety and most importantly, severe headaches.

5) Fights Hangover

After a binge drinking session, all you need is an orange peel infused hangover cure which can immediately get rid of the hangover. Simply add a few orange peels in a bowl of water and add a bit of salt. Boil this mixture, wait for it to cool down and drink the concoction for instant hangover relief.

6) Gets Rid of Allergies

If you are suffering from any sort of allergies or histamine, make use of orange peels to cure it without dealing with the drowsiness that’s associated while using any anti-histamine syrup.

7) Boosts the Immune system

Boost your immune system with orange peels as it can work wonders with your immunity. Fight cold and flu by incorporating it into your routine diet.

8) Cleanses Lungs

Respiratory distress can be fought with histamine present in orange peels. Orange peels, in particular, can help clear out mucus in the chest and nose which can relieve congestion as well.

Easy Recipe to Make Orange Peel Powder at Home:

1) Collect orange peels

2) Remove the white fibrous parts of the peel.

3) Place all the peels on a plate and leave it under the sun for 2-3 days.

4) After it has completely dried, grind the peels in a grinder and preserve it for future use.

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