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4 Essential Skin Care tips for babies

When you have a new baby, you just can’t resist stroking your baby’s face which not only is silky smooth and delicate but also smells sweet like nectar. It’s the ultimate blank slate free of any blemishes or marks and is also much different from the skin of adults. A baby’s skin is far thinner and has a higher surface pH which means products which you use on your skin react far more quickly on a baby’s delicate skin. Therefore, owing to their delicate and extra-sensitive skin, it invariably mandates the need for special attention. Taking care of your baby’s skin can be simple if you know how to properly treat it and you know what to look out for. Here’s how to give your baby’s extra-special skin the protection and love it deserves.

Baby Bath Time




It’s paramount to remember that your baby doesn’t need a daily bath. Ideally, you should bathe your baby two or three times a week and not overdo it. Too much soap and water can cause skin irritations and allergies and therefore it’s advisable to only opt for a sponge bath with lukewarm water. After the bath, dry your baby by patting with a natural cotton towel that is clean and soft. Rubbing should be strictly avoided. Additionally, one should use only organic and natural baby skin care products to prevent their skin from losing its natural sheen and moisture.

Baby Products




When it comes to baby skin care, it’s essential to use products which are free of chemical additives. Hard soaps, lotions and anything which contains scents has a tendency to cause rashes and allergies on their sensitive skin besides promoting the growth of bacterial infections as well. Try to get as natural as you can and always make sure you use organic products which are available easily on skin care products online shopping India that are scent-free and designed specifically for babies to avoid rashes and other skin irritations.

Food and Water Intake





Most people underestimate the power water has in maintaining good skin and it’s not different for your baby. When your baby is ready to ingest water on a daily basis, regulating their daily water intake will help keep them naturally hydrated thus helping in maintaining soft and supple skin. Also, it’s best to avoid processed baby food as it’s filled with sugar and salts which are like kryptonite for your baby.

Oils and Lotions



Oiling your baby is very relieving, relaxing and extremely effective for newborn babies. If your baby has dry or sensitive skin, try Hazelwood products, Chamomile oil, Aloe Oil, Olive oils or Almond oils which are specially formulated for babies and naturally soothes their delicate skin. It’s best to stick to oils made from herbal ingredients devoid of any mineral oils. If you choose organic products for your baby you can rest assured that you are not introducing any harsh chemicals at all while helping replenish moisture in your baby’s skin. You can easily avail of the best organic baby products by simply searching for the best skin care products online India.

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