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Turmeric – The Wonder Spice

India is famous the world over for its array of spices and travelers from around the world have been mesmerized by its aroma and taste. We are all quite familiar with the most basic spices that are used in every Indian household and one such common spice ingredient is the humble Turmeric. Essentially a powder grounded from a golden yellow color stick, Turmeric is characterized by a typically strong aroma and a pungent taste and is widely used in Indian cuisines for lending it a deep color and taste to the dish. But, what we are unaware of is the gamut of health benefits Turmeric bestows upon us. The health benefits of Turmeric primarily stem from its active component Curcumin which is rich in antioxidants and is filled with several anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Let’s take a look at some of the turmeric uses and its health benefits

Immunity Booster

shutterstock_753655882Turmeric is a natural immunity booster as the Curcumin present in it is known to possess anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s been reported that turmeric is around five times stronger than other naturally present immunity boosters such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E.




Natural Healer

shutterstock_643028422Boasting of several antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Turmeric has been widely used for treating wounds, open sores, and other skin allergies. As a matter of fact, several cosmetic creams are also said to be rich in Turmeric as they are ideal for treating damaged skin and curing other skin related problems. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of Turmeric can be used to fight acne and pimples.



Helps in Digestion

shutterstock_414204997Turmeric plays a vital role in increasing the bile formation within the gallbladder which, in turn, helps in breaking down food and speeding up the digestion process. It also helps in fighting off any inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) which are caused due to the chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. Further, turmeric also helps in relieving gas while causing relief from bloating. Turmeric can also be used to stabilize the PH values of the stomach due to its healing antioxidants.

Fights Diabetes



shutterstock_492607672Turmeric can be used to treat type II diabetes as it contains Curcumin which is said to have anti-hyperglycemic and insulin sensitizing effects. They help in stabilizing sugar levels but are which, in turn, proves beneficial in treating Diabetes. Additionally, Turmeric enhances the beta cell function, lowers the glucose levels and plays an important role in improving fatty acid oxidation as well.



Keeps Cancer at Bay

shutterstock_577977955Several studies and research have proved that Curcumin has several anti-carcinogenic properties which are helpful in destroying cancer cells. It also prevents the further growth of cancerous cells. Thus, Turmeric can be extremely effective in treating breast cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer and skin cancer. As a matter of fact, results from a research conducted in 2013 has revealed that the combining Curcumin with chemotherapy can generate far effective results than just chemotherapy alone



Treating Alzheimer’s Disease

shutterstock_711299959Alzheimer’s Disease is a cognitive disorder which is caused due to the inflammation of the brain nerves. Turmeric plays a major role reducing the plaque formation in the brain while also enhancing the oxygen flow. It has been proven that Turmeric can help in effectively slowing down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease



Weight Issues

shutterstock_604196735If you constantly find yourself in a battle against weight issues, then turmeric can aid in weight loss. As mentioned before, turmeric helps in increasing the bile formation that in return breaks down the dietary fat. Take a cup of turmeric tea every day or add a tablespoon of turmeric powder with every meal which will go a long way in helping you win the fight against blight.



Fighting Dandruff

shutterstock_740117152Flaky and dry scalp, dandruff and other scalp issues can also be treated with turmeric. Turmeric is the perfect ingredient which has been used by several cosmetic companies for not only treating skin problems but also helps in treating dandruff. Furthermore, try mixing olive oil or coconut oil with turmeric which has been proven to help get rid of dandruff. It has also been proved to be effective in treating Dermatitis and Eczema owing to its anti-fungal properties.


Cracked Heels

shutterstock_440224525Regular application of coconut oil or castor oil mixed with turmeric can help in softening your cracked heels. One should keep in mind that in order to observe positive effects this remedy should be followed on a regular basis. Simply leave on this concoction for about 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water and say goodbye to your cracked and split heels.


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