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Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you must take proper care and ensure that you have access to the right fruits, vegetables, and macronutrients during the course of your pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, your body undergoes a sea of change from hormone overproduction to stress as your body goes into overdrive. As your body changes to accommodate the fetus, it is essential that you take adequate care of yourself by following a strict diet regimen, of fruits, vegetables, and micronutrients. It is essential that you co-opt a healthy diet as it can impact the health of your baby as well as your pregnancy. At the same time, there are certain foods, fruits that are not recommended to pregnant women, read on to know more.

List of Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy

While most fruits do contain the required vitamins and nutrients that your body will crave during this period of sudden growth, change it is equally important to avoid certain other types of fruits for they can cause you to experience sharp discomfort and some have even been known to affect the fetus while others, to cause miscarriage. Here is a list of fruits not to eat during pregnancy


shutterstock_708374650Pineapple ranks rather high on the list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy first trimester. This is because Pineapple can cause you to experience sharp uterine contractions which in turn can cause a miscarriage. This happens because Pineapple contains Bromelain which can soften the cervix wall and result in sharp uterine contractions and even bleeding. This is why you must take care to avoid consuming pineapple during the course of your pregnancy and review the list of unwashed fruits to skip when pregnancy. Talk to your doctor for a complete list of food items to avoid during the course of your pregnancy and get him to provide you with a list of pre-approved fruits that you can consume safely.


shutterstock_624154523While papaya is rich in macronutrients and vitamins which are essential for your body nevertheless it is one of the fruit not advisable for pregnant women. Here’s why, papaya can cause your body temperature to shoot up, and that’s not good when pregnant. Apart from this, the fruit is rich in latex which can lead to uterine contractions, bleeding and even miscarriage. It may also impair the fetus development so you may want to avoid eating unripe papayas, ripe or otherwise for the duration of your pregnancy.


shutterstock_375477457As surprising it can be to see that the humble banana has made it to the list of fruits to avoid when pregnant, the fact remains that bananas contain high amounts of Chitinase, which is a major allergen. Apart from that Chitinase is also simple latex which can cause the body to heat up and even cause the new mother to develop allergies. This is why you need to avoid consuming bananas during your pregnancy.



Watermelons are generally good for the human body as it enables the body to flush out all the toxins out while regulating hydration. But there is a flip side to this as well, for if you were to consume watermelon during the course of your pregnancy, it can expose your fetus to various toxins as the watermelon flushes out the same. And it is a cold inducing food which is why it is suggested not to eat it while you are pregnant.



Dates are rich in vitamins and essential nutrients, but new mothers are often advised to avoid consuming dates because they have made it to the list of fruits forbidden during pregnancy. One of the chief reasons for the dates to make it to the list despite being a superfood is that it causes your body to heat up and may even lead to uterine contractions by exciting your uterine muscles. So while eating a single date or two per day should be ok anything more can lead to complications.

Is It Safe to Drink Fruit Juice?

If you are expecting, then it might be a good idea to give the fresh pressed juice a miss. Pregnant women are strongly advised to avoid fresh pressed juice for the simple reason that non pasteurized juices can lead to digestion related illness. So when you are consuming fruit juice make sure that it is pasteurized and avoid blitzing those fruits to avoid while pregnant, like papaya.

You can instead opt for prune juice since it can help to alleviate constipation or even try out drinking some spinach juice regularly since it can enable your fetus to develop normally and prevent conditions such as Spina Bifida. But overall, it is a good idea for all expectant mothers to avoid fruit juices during pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

While it may be difficult at the start to give up some of your favourite veggies and fruits, remember you are doing it for your baby so that you can carry it to term and give birth to a completely healthy baby. This is why you need to pay attention to what you eat when being pregnant.

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