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Yoga is Not just a Workout, It’s a Way of Life

Understanding Yoga


Let’s narrate a tale so that you can better understand the importance of Yoga.

Once during a lecture, a man asked a guru to explain the meaning of life. The guru took out a piece of mirror and with it, caught a beam of light and focused that light onto the face of that individual. The guru then asked everyone to notice that he has caught the light and has redirected it on the face of that man. The guru then explained the meaning of life in his own words. “The meaning of life is to gather light and to take it where it’s needed the most. Your purpose is to capture some light and focus it on lighting up areas where there’s darkness. Yoga helps us do that as it allows us to broaden our horizons and think in much positive manner. Yoga helps us on our journey to gain enlightenment and become better human beings, both physically as well as mentally.

5 Important Principles of Yoga

The five important principles of social conduct in the Yogic lifestyle include:

  • Non-Violence – Known As Ahimsa
  • Truthfulness – Known As Satya
  • Non-Stealing – Known As Asteya
  • Faithfulness – Known As Brahmacharya
  • Non-Greed – Aparigraha


Yoga Helps Us to Lead a More Mindful Life


It comes as no surprise that when we practice Yoga regularly, we immediately start feeling a sense of positivity that we are now living a more watchful as well as far careful life. The five rules of social conduct when followed diligently, help us lead a more mindful life. The reason behind is that as we take steps to improve our social conduct, the way we process our thoughts undergoes a radical change. We become more accepting, forgiving and less critical of others. Moreover, we tend to keep a track of our own deeds and become extremely mindful before saying or doing anything.

Yoga Helps Us Breathe Properly


Breathing carries immense significance in Yoga. Swami Sivananda says that a Yogi measures his life by the number of breaths he takes during his lifetime and doesn’t take into consideration the number of years! Yoga helps impart the skills of conscious breathing while also teaching us about the speed and techniques of efficient and effective breathing. Most Yogic gurus say that several diseases can be treated or avoided altogether by practicing the right breathing techniques.

Yoga Teaches Us to Concentrate


Swami Satchidananda had this to say on the Yogic lifestyle says “When you do something, do it with one hundred percent of the mind. Don’t take half measures and make sure, whenever you do something, do it with full concentration. That is Yoga.”

Yoga teaches us the art of concentrating and when we sit and meditate, we learn to focus better, with our best possible capability! Bhagavad Gita mentions, “Yogaha karmasu kaushalam”. It is a wonderful saying which captures the essence of Yoga at its best. It means that perfection in your every action is Yoga. So when you perform any task, make sure to concentrate your energies on that task only while keeping aside, all other thoughts.

Yoga Teaches Us Self Discipline


Although Yoga can be practiced at any time which is comfortable for you, one thing which you should always bear in mind is to ensure you do it at the same time, every single day. The reason behind this is pretty simple: Our body clock gets accustomed to performing Yoga at a set time which, in turn, helps us learn the techniques faster. Self-discipline doesn’t happen overnight. Only when you perform Yoga regularly, will you learn the art of self-discipline over time.

Yoga helps us learn self-discipline through these simple ways:

  • It helps us apply self-discipline in our day-to-day lives

Because Yoga instills in us the value of time and the need to stick to certain timelines to perform/do certain things, we learn to apply that knowledge in real life which, in turn, helps us to live life as per a fixed time schedule.

  • It helps us apply self-discipline to our mind

Meditation has been described as the seventh out of eight limbs of Yoga. It is said that when you are unable to do Yogasanas, you can meditate and that will fulfill your Yoga practice for that day. During meditation, Yoga teaches us to let go of our daily stresses and worries while breathing in a soothing, stress-free condition.

  • It helps us apply self-discipline to our food habits

Yogic experts advise that one should consume food a little less than our actual appetite. They recommend eating vegetarian food. Not eating at our full capacity helps us avoid the feeling of drowsiness and heaviness post-meals while making us disciplined in our food habits.

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