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The Best Foods for Runners

Your body is like a tank, with legs, and this tank needs fuel to make long strides across the neighborhood or the running track. With the proper fuel, you can make the ‘journey’ efficiently, else it means wearing down, adding to problems at work or even missing it. To improve your speed, efficiency, and overall performance, you also need to consider what you are stuffing yourself with.

Proper food keeps that tank properly nourished and in shape. If you are looking to improve both your endurance and your race times, it is a good decision to eat something before you run as it will provide the necessary energy to make it through while boosting your running performance tremendously. Hence, your body needs a good amount of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and calcium. So where can you find it?



Bananas are a high-carb energy booster and rich in natural sugar and potassium. The sugar will give your body the energy it needs. Potassium helps in keeping your blood pumping properly while also helping regulate blood pressure and reducing the risk of stroke. This quick-and-easy to consume fruit is packed with carbs and protein, plus it’s extremely easy to digest.



They contain natural sugar, potassium, and Vitamin C. In addition to their high fiber content, Berries will not only provide your body with energy but also repair it as you run.



Bagels are rich in carbs. Carbs will give you the energy to run. Pair it with cream cheese or peanut butter, and you’ll have the proteins you need to repair that tank and keep you going.

Low Fat Yogurt


Rich in calcium, carbs, and proteins, yogurt promotes burning of fat, provides energy and also repairs your body. However, yogurt’s biggest benefit is undoubtedly it’s live bacteria content which enables to keep your gut in prime shape and condition. If you consume yogurt right after a run, it can help boost your recovery and thus protect your muscles. Moreover, it also high in calcium content which helps strengthens your bones as well.

Running Tips

You can skip on eating before you run only if your run does not last long. The fat reserves in your body are enough to provide the necessary energy for it. However, you must make sure to eat something once your run is over, as by this time the fuel will have had depleted from your body.

Now that you know the food you need to consume before you start the run, you might also want to consider adding to the fuel tank some extra juice if you run out of it or it’s one of those days when you want to put your own limits to the test. When you’re out on a run and in need of an energy boost, sugary foods will help provide that extra juice you need to sustain yourself. These food products will give you the sugar your energy-depleted body needs:

Energy Gels

These little packets provide energy literally on the go. They especially come in handy when you feel tired.


Rich in sugar, Raisins help replenishes your energy reserves.

Once your run is over, it is time for your last energy boost. The tissues and muscles in your body need to recover from that strenuous work that they’ve been put through. They need to be rewarded with the proper nutrients. These foods will help repair your body:


This recovery snack is rich in carbs, fiber, and protein. Pairing it with milk and some fruit, it makes for a great recovery snack without triggering your sugar levels. Additionally, oats have a low glycemic index which basically entails that your blood sugar levels will rise slowly which will provide you with sustained energy thus keeping you feeling full for a longer duration.

Chicken Breast:


It is loaded with protein, necessary to repair your muscles. Chicken Breast is also high in iron which is a vital element for runners as Iron deficiency can lead to fatigue.


Made with chickpeas, it will help fill you up. It contains fiber and proteins, promoting repair of muscles.




Fruits helps replenish your energy reserves after a long and hard run. Oranges and apples contain healthy amounts of fiber and Vitamin C that your body will require after the run.


Often overlooked, one must always maintain a sufficient intake of fluids to ensure they don’t feel too sluggish to work out. Although casual runners can usually drink when they feel thirsty, it becomes paramount for endurance runners drink fluids at regular intervals.



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